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Adam n Eve Amelia

  • Posted on July 13, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Adam n Eve have this cute dress out called Amelia. It has so many options to it. Short skirt, long skirt, and pants.  It also contains a sculpted sash to wear around your waist.

I choose to go with the long skirt option.  I am so short in real life that I never wear long skirts (as they drag the ground) so I try to wear them in SL as much as possible. The top really catches my eye because of the texturing. I really like it when a clothing texture catches my eye. I almost want to run my fingers through the top’s fabric to feel it.

I paired it with this hair that, I am sure by now, people think is over-worn but I like it. I like how it is designed and I love the brown color. Don’t judge. :)

The Amelia dress gets Chubby Cat Approval because fitting it was a DREAM. First of all the sash is so well sculpted that the parts to it make complete sense when fitting.  I wore my mesh skirt shape in these pictures because when I wear things that cover the hiney in SL like sashes and such I always put on the mesh shape.  It took me 5 minutes to fit the sash.  I know it sounds lame but if I have to spend more than 15 minutes tweaking my clothing (all that I wear) for my avatar I give up. I have no patience. Not this outfit though, real simple to tweak the prims and I attribute that to the skill and experience of Sachi and Damen.

Adam n Eve also have a sweet rewards system for their customers. Here’s their website information and I recommend you join their group for more special VIP stuff.

Ya’ll (once again I have channeled Paula Deen), will just have to see for yourself, ya’ll.

Teleport to Adam n Eve and shop away.


Fat chick- coming through!

  • Posted on April 3, 2010 at 1:54 pm

So on Plurk, Austie, co-owner of Reasonable Desires offers the first 5 responders to get her new release. I peep the releases and I see that one is a sexy yellow chick outfit named Cute Chickie! Usually I am late to the game when it comes to plurk contests like this but today I wasn’t, so I tossed my name out.I am going to show you a picture I did with the Cute Chickie. Cherie is Reasonable Desires lace lingerie release and I highly recommend that one too.

The Cute Chickee outfit is hand drawn and is very well done. I love the subtle chick texture on the body suit and the cute zipper in the back. Although the item that made me squee when I saw it was this: The fur with the baby chick in the cleavage! That area has a soft spot as that’s how I stole candle holders from Prom back in high school. I shoved them in my cleavage! :)

The hair is form Mouse Mimistrobell’s Dark Mouse. Her hair deserves a separate post (which one will happen) because Mouse has the best brown color I’ve found in SL. Her color is near to my RL color! The only difference is Mouse paints better highlights than my hair has, hah!

The pose is created by Isabeau Reinard of Whole.Lotta.Rosie. Once again, this item deserves it’s own post, and the rest of her poses, because all I have to say is: THIS FAT CHICK GOT POSES! I made my avatar this happy looking because this pose and emote is exactly how happy I am to have poses that I don’t have to resort to photoshop magic and taking multiple shape pictures in order to have my hand come back out of my boobs/stomach!

The Details:

Outfit: Cute Chickee at Reasonable Desires. SLURL
Hair: Julie (Rum Raisin) at Dark Mouse. SLURL
Pose: F*ck Yeah Chubby Girls at Whole.Lotta.Rosie. (currently available only at the pose fair) SLURL
Shoes: Crisis Pumps I by Tekilah Elytis : BUY THEM ON XSTREET
As always: Skin: Laqroki Tess, Eyes: Simtropia, Glasses: HOC

Heart Shaped Lips and Almond Eyes…

  • Posted on February 9, 2010 at 10:00 am

Airedine Poe mentioned she created limited edition skins for the I <3 Originals fair going on and she was super kind enough to drop a sample on me.  I was excited to see her work and here’s what she said in the notecard:

Offering a bunch of different makeups in two different cleavage options. The face is entirely my own, from scratch, the body is slightly-modded Eloh base (and the cleavage is entirely mine)
I’ll work on making the body entirely from scratch next time, but for now I’m too excited about making new makeups to do it right now :P
Other skintones are in the works but for the AV fair only the Milk tones will be available. Keep an eye out for more!

My first thought is to get naked and get the skin on.

The skin I am wearing in this picture is Lily Milk Love Me C (the C stands for CLEAVAGE).

Here are the faces to the skins. The upper face is Lily Milk Love Me and the lower is Lily Milk Romantic. I am a big nose person. I have to have my nose look a certain way. I need my nostrils to show. (yes weird, but ya’ll knew that) This skin doesn’t make them overtly obvious but it does give the nose a shape that I find cute and buttony.

The eye makeup is very dramatic and accentuates my eyes beautifully. On the inside corner of the eye there is a bit of shininess that reminds me of a bit of makeup there to bring light into the eyes and enhance them and I love that little touch.

You get 2 options for the Sisters. They come in cleavage or no cleavage. Here’s a picture of both.

The top is cleavage, obviously. The bottom is no cleavage. Airedine’s cleavage is really nice. This is my first cleavage ever and I like it. It makes the Sisters look very perky and voluptuous despite the ‘bouancy’ is tuned to 58.

I think these are a great and I look forward to seeing more beautiful work from Airedine and her store Adore&Abhor.

To obtain these beautiful skins come visit Airedine Poe’s stall at the I <3 Originals fair.
Here is a direct SLURL to Adore&Abhor at the fair.
The I <3 Orignals Fair goes from from Feb 8th through the 14th.


To learn more about the I <3 Originals fair or The Artists Voice go to their website at http://theartistsvoice.org because we all can work together to make sure all residents are aware of copyright and trademark and how it works within the virtual world.

Virtual Shoes and Fat Calves

  • Posted on February 8, 2010 at 8:32 am

I own 2 pairs of knee high boots in the 3 years I’ve been in SL. One is prim and I never wear them because the calf part looks chunky and the other is a texture based calf part which looks awesome but the shoes are seriously dated (um hello 2007?).

For a long time I’ve been meaning to head over to J’s shoes as I’ve seen them on various blog posts but I’ve not been able to make it into SL. So recently I created some new stuff and needed some shoes to go with the outfit so I said, “Hells bells, I will hit up J’s for some boots”.

Buying shoes that go up the calves for my avatar is difficult. Well let me rephrase that. It’s easy to buy any shoes in general but I am very particular about fitting things and finding something that looks good is very difficult. Usually boots make my calves look like elephant legs with no hint of an ankle at all. They cankle-ize me.

Look at how close the knee  high boots fit to my avatar’s calves. It’s AWESOME!

Although I just demo’ed these (I plan to buy them later- the fat pack!!!!) the shoes I really needed for the outfit was the ankle high rounded boots. These look FANTASTIC and on hindsight I am sad I didn’t buy the fatpack.

Prim toes and Kesseret are 2 things that DON’T get along. My friend Iris Bourdielle made prim toes years ago and I wore her shoes for a long while but since then I’ve not found a pair that looked good on me or fit well. Sadly, since there are so many fantastic prim feet/toe shoe designers. (Despite the fact that many people have no reading comprehension skills and can’t understand the difference between not liking how something fits and writing about it v. completely dissing someone’s work I *do* admire Stiletto Moody shoes and their quality a lot.)
I love the fact that J’s offers demos! HOLY DEMO BATMAN! So I tried on these strappy numbers at J’s and they have a resize script (which I HATE) but it took 4 clicks and I was fitted. I also saw a delete option. How sexy is that? So I bought the fatpack. And you know what else I saw? THEY SCRIPT TEXTURE CHANGE! I AM IN LOVE! I love texture changing scripts so much that I actually use them myself.
Just see how sexy they look on me yourself:

I am still trying to figure out the toe matching to the skin. Do skin providers provide RGB info on their skins? I heard wind of it but never needed it before. If so can someone hook a sista up? :)

But seriously, look at the way the straps fit! PERFECTLY! And this only took like 4 clicks to fit!!!! I seriously shit twice and died when I tried these on. My only desire is to have the script remove the resizing option and keep the texture change once they are fit. Which if it’s all one script that’s impossible. I am not a big fan of toe jewelry but I like the flower. It’s cute so I sometimes turn that feature on.




Laughing Academy and Eye Candy

  • Posted on February 7, 2010 at 8:52 am

I finally got to see Tabitha Ninetails of Laughing Academy online and she was telling me about this beautiful dress she designed for Eye Candy’s Belisama’s Mantle. I had purchased Belisama’s Mantle sometime during the Jewelry expo and it wasn’t until Tabitha told me about the dress that I was able to wear it with something!

So I got dressed up and hopped over to Jade’s Jazz Lounge where I accidentally crashed someone’s wedding reception to take this picture. (oops)

Dress: Candace Aflame from Laughing Academy. There are so many good dresses, shoes, and jewelry there.
Jewelry: Belisama’s Mantle from Eye Candy. Lots of shinies there to covet.


My Second Life Series

  • Posted on January 17, 2010 at 7:10 pm

An old friend logged in and we started looking at pictures in our inventory. We were laughing about the GTHQ sandbox and how much fun it was and the best times we had. I decided to post a picture from my inventory when I get in the mood. I hope that everyone enjoys looking at my last 3 years in SL and what I did when I wasn’t creating jewelry.

Search term in Inventory: RON

(I’ll start you all off easy, there’s lots of pictures of humping)

ron and otter dancing

This is my friends Ron and Noam dancing at Jade’s Jazzy Lounge.


  • Posted on December 1, 2009 at 9:14 pm


I honestly haven’t kept up with the 365, not that I don’t think SL is important but I love the holidays and spending time with family and since it was a long weekend from work my husband and I spent time with his family and then with some friends.

dragon crotch.

  • Posted on November 25, 2009 at 7:01 pm

My friend got a dragon avatar and was showing it to me real quickly (i’ve been trying to watch Knowing for the last 6 hours) before I logged off. I asked to see his colon and then decided to cam on his dragon butt.

This is me, through the legs of a dragon. No colon, no butthole, not even dragon balls.

I will take a nice pic with this outfit sometime- I love it. I also think you should go shop at Dark Mouse Jewelry. Because Kess said to.


I am trying to figure out how to make my ‘default’ sky setting be a specific sky setting. Without inputting everything manually and saving it into default- is there a way?

To Quote Gordon Ramsey….

  • Posted on November 24, 2009 at 6:45 pm

I spent about 45 minutes working with the Stiletto Moody shoes. This is my report back.

1. No notecard inside the items so how was I supposed to magically know about the 1 ankle that had the menu system with the HELP button that points to the website?
2. It resizes but weirds out when I try to manual resize to 2.0.  Could be user error here.
3. Only the ankle resizes and it looks absolutely ridiculous on my foot.

With that I’m going to sum up my statement from the last post which people clearly didn’t get.

1. Thank you Stiletto Moody for offering up this gift, happy anniversary and may you have many more anniversaries within SL or beyond.
2. They are well made and very good looking and there’s a reason for their fanbase.

Now to quote Gordon Ramsey in his typical method of dismissal: Piss off.



Just an airhead…

  • Posted on November 23, 2009 at 8:33 pm

So apparently Brazil (or someone using proxies) believes there’s nothing going on in my brain. Sweet. You’d be very surprised how much I don’t write about on my Second Life related blogs because I am sure no one is interested in Linux, RIAA and licensing for/and video games, working around a feedburner bug, fixing a WordPress MU bug, and other things that I do, in my spare time, and contribute to a ‘community’ that isn’t Second Life related. But I digress….

So I thought I’d give Stiletto Moody shoes a try. In the spirit of the fatshionista I thought I would give these shoes, which have a large and vocal fan-base, a try. So when they offered a freebie due to their anniversary (Happy Anniversary Stiletto Moody!) I thought I would go for it. Originally I wasn’t going to because I’ve never been interested in spending a lot of linden on a pair of shoes but someone suggested that I just  give it a whirl so I though this was the perfect opportunity.  Trust me, I wouldn’t spend the money on a first time purchase, but if this gift worked for me you bet your sweet ass I’d be buying a plenty.

So I noticed in the pack there is a small, medium, and large shoe set. SWEET. Multi-sizes. Sadly, this also means NO MODIFY. So I try on the large and the shoes just don’t work. I am ANAL retentive about fitting my prims. I’ve had several people comment about how perfect my prim fitting looks. I just like it to be a certain way. These shoes did not cut it.

It wasn’t because the shoes were technically problematic. Oh no, they were sculpted perfectly and looked SEXY. I just had too fat of feet. Way too fat. I’m not a fan on changing my shape- this blog isn’t called The Virtual “Sometimes” Fatshionista (only when it suits me) so I just had to set the moodies away until I decided to wear another shape for pictures or something.

So here’s a picture of me after I tried to fit one of the feet. For you Moody-fans I can see exactly why you are. These things are sculpted beautifully. I just can’t wear a product that a) doesn’t fit me and b) can’t be modified to fit me.  They also looked a bit unnatural because my avatar is 5’0 inworld, but part of that could be that they just were too “big” but not wide enough.

I’ve been alerted to this: GUIDE TO STILETTO MOODY SHOES and tomorrow will be diligently reading it over and report back. Maybe there is a resize option. See the ankle bracelet was INSIDE my cankle so it was too big… but here’s a plan.


Me and my shadow

  • Posted on November 22, 2009 at 4:42 pm

This is my bestie Marissa Racecourse and I up in her skybox just farting around.


I noticed after I took it that my skin wouldn’t rez. I did about 10 rebakes and finally it came up but I didn’t retake.



I live for this time of the year

  • Posted on November 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm

When we had GT HQ (the most awesome sandbox sim ever) I’d anticipate Winter every year because I basically set the land to snow textures and created an ice rink for us regular to hang out and skate on. Last Feb was our last sandbox Christmas and all I have left is the skate rink AriesViper Barbeque built me. I had to take the sign down which has been in use since 2006: “You have a whole sim to build on please don’t rez on the ice. k thx bai”  However, if you would like to come skate at KesserPark on Amira, feel free.

I probably won’t leave this outfit all season. I love Winter so much I actually have kept Amira on Winter all year.


The hair is the Stacie hair by Truth, Skates are Skoopf’s I retextured like 2 years ago, pants are Onyx jeans my Hilarious, Jacket is Burgundy peacoat by Hilarious, the scarf  and Dragonfly pin is something I whipped up last year.

I love my Skoopf’s but they are ugly as home-made sin. Someone needs to make Modify (YES ZOMG MODIFY) sculpted ice skates so I can stick the skoopf animations in them. Unless you think you are SO GOOD you can beat his animations (which you probably can’t since nothing has come so close). If you know of skates that are good looking and modify let me know.
What the hell is up with no modify crap? I really am sick of that. </pet peeve>

Rougeish 365

  • Posted on November 20, 2009 at 5:49 pm

This picture was taken at the Code Red Lounge on Rouge. You can read about it and get a TP link here at CodeBastard’s blog. If you go there you can buy my Codie set and 100 percent of the proceeds go towards tier fund at Rouge. (Well, minus the percentage that Andy Enfield takes) Also check out Mechanized Life – which has all sorts of products that make your Slife easier.


Here I am wearing my Victoria jewelry set with ETD’s cute little dress there and Truth’s Zoe hair. I fit in beautifully at Code Red Lounge, don’t I? :)


You can’t handle the Truth!

  • Posted on November 19, 2009 at 4:34 pm

I went to Truth to go buy some hair. I rarely buy hair but damn Lizzie keeps throwing hair in my face. So when she got all excited about hair being named after her (Who the F do I have to sleep with to get something named Kesseret- I mean seriously, wtf  lol ) I thought I’d go buy it. Coincidentally Stacie (I don’t care what she says, she is Richard’s sister to me) mentioned there’s hair named after her so I went and looked at that. Then I saw Zoe hair. Then I decided that was freaking enough because I could have a serious problem here if I continued to stay at Truth’s new store.


Usually I am way more careful about lighting. Not today, apparently.

And look at that Nerderiffic chick behind me with her avatar Mona Lisa smile. SHE IS WATCHING ME!!!! *twitch*
At the end of this post I realized that I don’t have anything named after me because of my glowing personality. </sarcasm>

Maybe if i were nicer, eh? heh



Working on my new store

  • Posted on November 18, 2009 at 4:21 pm

Once my store is done being built I will rebrand and have plenty of work to do. Today I was checking out the build.I think it is fantastic and the coloring, while it may not be someone else’s fancy, is gorgeous to me. It reminds me of vanilla creme chocolates. YUM.